Which Object is to be Blurred

With auto mode of a phone camera ( as long as your phone has an auto focus feature), then by touching the screen on the object to be focused, you can make the untouched object to be blurred. Take a look at the two photos. The letter on the bread package is readable, while on the other photo the bread package is blurred and the background is focused.

Redme Note 2 Camera with auto focusMany people who do not understand photographing knowledge do not pay attention to the detail of the photo they take. As long as the photo is clear and not distorted, they feel happy with it. Those who are good and skilled at photo taking may want to focus the object and let the other objects blurred. Or the background of the photo can be the focused one, and the one near the camera is made blurred. Not all cameras can handle this.
Redme Note 2 Camera with auto focus

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