Blurring Background Using Adobe Photoshop

Blurred background-ricefield
Blurring Background Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop makes you able to blur the background of the object in the photo. Please take a look at two photo below to see the difference:
The photo was taken using non-phone camera as it was a long time ago before smart phone cameras were launched.

See How To Make Blurred Background

How to Blur the background of an object:

Use lasso tool to select the object to be focused. The drag the cursor till it meets the starting point then release the cursor. You will see blinking dots around the selected object. Now click "select" and choose "invert". After clicking "invert" you will see additional blinking dots outside the object. This is the area to be blurred later.

Now click "Filter" and choose blur and then Gaussian blur. Choose the degree of the blur.

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